‘Out To Get You’! Story 13: ‘The Stain On The Cafeteria Floor’

Sarah J Coleman
2 min readSep 12, 2019


I’m posting one of the original artworks created for ‘Out To Get You’ every day; that’s one story a day for all 13 stories, plus the extra story that the author Josh wrote as a ‘bonus-ball’. You get to see all the gnarly pen-and-ink details close up, which are often not seen when printed in the book!

This is the last of the 13 illustrations, and the first one I completed when working on the book.

I couldn’t wait to start work on the final illustrations, having sketched out ideas for weeks beforehand. This is the malevolent soda machine overseeing the disgusting, murky stain on the floor of the school canteen.

What is it?

Why is it getting bigger?

Why does it look…ALIVE?

Here’s an extract:

“Just like the dime, the stick of gum fell somehow past the floor…or through the floor, and, just like the dime, the gum twisted, grew smaller, and disappeared.

“It’s like a portal,” said Malia.

“Can we please just get away from it?” Janet said from behind her. ‘I don’t like it, Malia. Can we just get away?”

Malia turned. Janet’s hands were white.”

More about the book, including where to buy it and how to get its fabulous accompanying freebies at outtogetyou.run



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