~ New York Society of Illustrators Awards, 2008 (two prizes) ~

I’m at the tail end — seeing the ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ — of making a brand new website, starting totally from scratch and focussing on all the things that are currently missing from the current one.

I’ve been meaning to do it for a couple of…

~ Illustrations are mostly shown in this blog in their original pen-and-ink form ~

SPACEY! Published this week is this energetic new book by Abby Harrison aka @astronautabbyofficial, co-founder of The Mars Generation, called DREAM BIG!

Illustrating this book occupied eight months or so of my 2020, begun and ended in different lockdowns, with over 30 black and white pen-and-ink illustrations to help guide…

Published this week is ‘Ink & Sigil’ by New York Times best-selling author Kevin Hearne, which has its US release on 25th August and its UK release on 27th.

In a ‘career first’, I’ve illustrated both the North American and UK editions of this murky Glasgow-set novel involving enchanted ink…

For a large part of my career I’ve received emails asking me to do work for free, usually for some scheme, a project someone is very excited about that will make big money one day; a charity, a collection of postcards that will head into a gallery, a children’s book…

Published in August 2020 is this book by Christine Heppermann, for which I made this cover using just ink on paper for Greenwillow Books, USA.

It’s a YA story told in prose, an unusual format which lends the book a slightly magical, wistful atmosphere, despite dealing with some heavy topics — secrets, regret, mistakes, break-ups.

Unusually, although I suggested seven or eight different roughs, this cover went to press almost completely unaltered from the rough that was chosen. Always a lovely thing to happen!

Sarah J Coleman

Artist + illustrator of over 800 books and owner of the same amount of pens. Enough to write you a picture AND paint you a story. inkymole.com / inkstagram.ink

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